Originally published on Thought Catalog.

My quarter life crisis is hitting me on the cusp of turning 28. if you’re over 40, you’ll read this and tell me that I’m still young, but I’m not so sure – and this is why.


Growing up, my mother always told me that I was going to be successful. It used to stem from my pop-pop telling her that I was going to be someone special simply by the fact that I refused a sippy cup when I was a toddler, in favor of a big girl cup and opted for a fork instead of a spoon. The way into my family’s heart was through their silverware.

I held onto that fire, carried that gumption with me every time I was faced with a tough decision; two roads carved out of a wood kind of bullshit. And now, I’m here, almost 28, nearing that three-decade mark and I’m having a crisis and mild mental heart attack about who I am, where I should be, and what the fuck I should be doing.

All my life I thought I’d be a writer. Turns out, that’s almost impossible. I think my words are pretty decent. I’ve found success in creating and marketing viral content. I meet deadlines. I landed internships and contract work. I’ve been published in a beautiful book by Thought Catalog. Yet, all of that is peanuts. I went on a job interview recently: entry level at a local magazine. After countless emails, three phone interviews, I waltzed right through the department, falling in love with magazine posters lining the wall, an effortlessly cool receptionist, being offered coffee as I walked in with my portfolio ready to knock his socks off.

Mid-way through the interview, I’m clawing to breathe and prove myself to some editor who had the balls to say to me, “Your experience isn’t great so what makes you think you’re better than someone else?” I walked out feeling defeating, feeling like I was brought down nineteen pegs, got in my car and cried on the way back to my job, taking off my blazer so it didn’t look like I came from somewhere better.

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  1. I feel like, at 26, I’m frequently having quarter life crises. I don’t know what my purpose is, I feel like I’m not reaching my full potential (whatever that means). Anyway, just a fellow lost late-twenty something here. I appreciated this post, so thank you, and I’m sorry the editor was such a total dick.


    1. Thank you for the love, Kait! He was such a total dick. But his dickness aside, it was a great and valuable learning experience I’m glad to have had now. Know you’re definitely not alone. I think our twenties are just super confusing and overwhelming, and it’s all about taking it day by day and trying things out until we discover who we are and where our interests lie. I wish you nothing but the best here ❤

      Signed, another fellow twenty-something


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