The spring edition of the Trenton Punk Rock Fleamarket was this past weekend and I bought a flying pig made out of a petroleum tank from Moschera Metal Shop.

Moschera Metal Shop Pigs Trenton Punk Rock Fleamarket, NJ

That’s just the tip of the iceberg on the weird and unusual trinkets you encounter at the two-day event that is nearly packed to capacity in Trenton, NJ. I first discovered the Trenton Punk Rock Fleamarket (TPRFM) last April and have been a fan (and vendor) ever since. An avid and loyal fan of the Monster Mania Convention in Cherry Hill and of course – Wizard World hosted in Philadelphia- a craft show filled with oddities, hosted in an abandoned, drafty warehouse in the middle of nowhere, naturally seemed appealing.

Creativity You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Original is the only word that could describe the TPRFM. Here, you have the chance to mingle with some of the most interesting and innately talented artists this side of the Betsy Ross Bridge. Every booth tells a story. From handcrafted soaps (like Lave Soap) to jewelry and artwork of every theme, color, and size you can imagine, these items speak to the buyer in a way they can’t find through an ordinary retail experience. TPRFM promotes weirdness. They promote interests outside what others may even deem “appropriate.” They offer a safe space for people’s creativity to take center stage. That’s what I love about it.

When I was a vendor for the first time in October of 2017, I was surprised to find that it wasn’t so much about selling my products as much as it was the interaction it brought to my table. The interaction is what I remember most because it’s when I was able to understand an artist’s story – even my own. It was about mingling with the person across your table, whose smile, pierced lip and luminescent pink hair look at your creative stash and gets excited over how “fucking cool” that is. I make handcrafted guitars with baby doll heads on them along with unique pieces of abstract art and floral arrangements that er on the side of creepy. The experience carries a massive impact whether you’re out to turn a profit or browsing around with a cold beer in your hand. If I were to bring those products anywhere but here, they’d be scoffed at. They’d be misunderstood. You don’t run into that at the TPRFM.

As a consumer, I can’t even begin to count at how many tables I stop at, fingering through buckets of handmade pins, flipping through stacks of artwork, making googly eyes at this one vendor whose always there with baby doll heads dangling from a wire – god, what’s her name? My walls only have so much space and my wallet…

My confusion is equivalent of that time Britney had a mental break down.’Britney Spears denim jacket Trenton Punk Rock Fleamarket NJ

Why You Should Go to the Trenton Punk Rock Fleamarket

The point I’m trying to make is that the Trenton Punk Rock Fleamarket provides a niche for us artists (and fans) to gather and let our freak flags fly. There are no rules, no expectations on what you should buy –  or what you fucking love. There’s music, beer, endless food trucks, tater tots, live bands (who are sublime) and an energy that can’t be matched elsewhere. That’s probably why it never will.

TPRFM will be back at it again on August 11th at the Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company.




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