Courtney Dercqu is a local writer and artist living out in the East Coast. Courtney graduated with her Associate’s Degree from the University of Maryland University College in 2015 and is currently pursuing her BA in Creative Writing and English with Southern New Hampshire University where she currently has a 4.0 and is a member of Sigma Tau Delta.

Courtney has been writing professionally since 2014, but writing has been a lifelong passion. She has been a frequent contributor to online platforms such as Thought Catalog, Elite Daily, and Mogul. Her work has also been re-published in the Good Men Project and been featured in Bustle. Her first e-book entitled “Forever, You: The Story of Why I Love You” was published in 2015 as a Valentine’s Day gift to her husband and she was also selected to be a featured writer in Thought Catalog’s book, “Forever: Essays About Soulmates, Love, and Finding Your Forever Person” with her article entitled, “How To Know You’re Falling In Love.” She is currently in the process of publishing her debut children’s book, “Mindy and Mommy Moon” later this year.

Courtney was a Content and Community intern with Mogul, an award-winning social media platform based in New York from August-December 2016, and then became a contracted Content and Community Lead from January 2017-March 2017 with a focus on audience engagement, and writing and promoting relevant and trending topics on the social media platform and other social media outlets.

Courtney derives inspiration from her own personal experiences. Whether she is writing about love, life, grief, and much more, she captures the spirit of a twenty-something trying to carve their identity in the world. Courtney is the creator and owner of an online store, Bad Art and Meow, which sells and promotes “bad artwork.” She considers herself to be an artist who creates “what no one else wants to create” and loves doing it.




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  1. I want to thank you for the article you wrote regarding libra and pisces being a power couple. I am a libra woman and I am dating a pisces and he sometimes drives me crazy what with his aloofness, etc. I was starting to doubt whether or not he and I can work out as a couple due to our differences.


  2. Hi. I’m Kait and I love your blog. You popped up on the WP reader because I was searching the tag “artist” looking for fellow artists/bloggers. Anyway, MEOW.


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