Hi. I’m Having a Quarter-Life Crisis

Originally published on Thought Catalog. My quarter life crisis is hitting me on the cusp of turning 28. if you’re over 40, you’ll read this and tell me that I’m still young, but I’m not so sure – and this is why.   Growing up, my mother always told me that I was going to […]

International Women’s Day

My mom was the perfect example. International Women’s Day is meant to be celebrated the way we celebrate someone’s life who has passed on. After someone leaves, all we’re left to think about is the impact that they left behind; their imprint…on our hearts, on our minds, on who we’ve become despite whatever adversary their […]

My Love Affair With The iPhone X

I bought the new iPhone X on Thursday and have been stunned by all the features it has to offer, including the sublime photo quality. I basically have been on my newest play toy non-stop since Friday morning, capturing everything from morning coffee, to afternoon coffee, and of course, late night coffee. The new camera […]

What I Learned About Grief, As A 20-Something Who Lost A Parent

I used to write because I loved it. But now I only write as a way to consolidate my grief. I’ve given myself a pretty decent window of time for me to be able to grapple with the fact that my mother died from Stage IV Breast Cancer. I’ve done all the things you’re supposed to […]

“Every Day Is A Reminder That You’re No Longer Here.”

This article has originally been published on Thought Catalog * Every day is a reminder that you’re no longer here. When I have a funny story to tell, you’re no longer here to listen. When I have a question about filing my taxes, or how to deal with a grumpy client, or help deciding which […]

I’m Starting To Forget What It Was Like To Love You

As published on Thought Catalog. There was a time when I could outline the frame of your face just from memory. I could picture the scar etched below your left eye, the patch of hair that grew in, tough, apart from the rest of your body. I was able to keenly describe the melody of […]

9 Unexpected Emotions You Experience After Losing A Parent

As published on Thought Catalog. You can view the full article here.  1. Feeling guilty about feeling happy. After my mother’s death, I looked forward to laughing again, but the first time I felt like I was ready to regain a normal part of my life, I felt guilty over doing so. Why buy myself […]