Check Out My Latest Articles on Unwritten

As of last week, I’ve had my debut article featured on Unwritten. I will be having articles published on Unwritten’s website on a weekly basis, with one posting tomorrow on Halloween! Unwritten is home to a plethora of talented writers.  You can follow them on Twitter here! 7 Things You Should Absolutely Avoid In A […]

Why Saturdays Are the Worst

Every Saturday morning is met with an irrevocably loud silence. I’ve always been amused by the way people often describe silence as deafening because it’s ultimately the biggest contradiction, we as a society, make. We attribute these emotions and abstract concepts to simple feelings because silence, can actually be one of the most destructive and […]

Write for Us! We’re Accepting Guest Bloggers

Do you want to become a successful blogger? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What do you want to write about? It’s a simple question with a complex answer. Often, whenever a writer sits down to write they have a list of topics they need to discuss. Maybe their job is to describe movies or politics. Perhaps it’s a review […]

Hi. I’m Having a Quarter-Life Crisis

Originally published on Thought Catalog. My quarter life crisis is hitting me on the cusp of turning 28. if you’re over 40, you’ll read this and tell me that I’m still young, but I’m not so sure – and this is why.   Growing up, my mother always told me that I was going to […]

#IWillMarch For The Everyday Women Who Are The Root Of My Inspiration

This article was published on Mogul and featured in Bustle.  I will march because my mother raised me to be independent, and I owe her at least that much to carry on with that tradition. See – growing up, my independence wavered in desperation to obtain conformity because – as we know it – kids […]

The Moment I Discovered I Wanted to Become a Writer

In typical #ThrowbackThursday fashion, I want to talk about the moment when I first discovered I wanted to become a writer. It all started after I had read the children’s book, “Haunted Sister” by Lael Litke when I was about nine years old. The book entranced me with this opening sentence, “It was raining on […]