If You’re Not Here, You’re Doing it Wrong: Oregon Coast

When John and I landed in Portland – with no car, no hotel reservation, and barely any money, we realized that our entire trip was going to be based on spontaneity.

After quickly booking our hotel while collecting our luggage at baggage claim, our car rental representative gushed to us about the Oregon Coast. Truth be told, we hadn’t thought much about traveling to the coast because our minds were dead-set on all the artisan cafes we’d grace with our touristy presence. On our last day in Oregon, though, we took the two-hour drive from our hotel which was about twenty minutes outside the city.

Lincoln City

As soon as we drove down the main road in Lincoln City, I was practically gleaming when I saw the ocean in the background. As much as I’ve always been a city girl, there’s that homegrown part of me that gets super sappy and sentimental when I hear the sound of waves crashing onto the golden sand. Plus, the Pacific Ocean buries the picturesque views of the polluted Atlantic.

beach oregon coastOregon Coast is So Much Prettier than the East Coast

The first thing I noticed when we walked down onto the beach was how you could drive your jeep onto the sand. It made me think of all those OC episodes back in the day or Laguna Beach. It felt so California!

The beach obviously wasn’t too crowded for the first week in March, but there were families playing fetch with their dog, their furry little legs splashing in the waves, people who were walking all the way out onto the rocks (which I’m not entirely sure is allowed, so if you visit, play it safe, Oregon). It was amazing how close you can actually get to the ocean and interact with it. You can just feel its’ magnitude standing there. It’s endless.

We splashed around in the waves for about an hour, walking up and down the beach, fingers laced together, listening to the squawking seagulls and children laughing as they flew their kites into the turquoise realms. I briefly contemplated sketching our initials into some giant log on the beach before chickening out.

oregon coast lincoln cityThe Best Way to End Our Trip

It was an iconic way to memorialize our trip to Oregon. Even on the drive up, twisting along the stretched highway, with snowy mountains looking so small in the background made us appreciate the landscape we don’t get to see on the East Coast. Even the trees are different.

Lincoln City itself was a beautiful place. It was an old seaside town with shops filled with cheap memorabilia and key-chains with your name etched into them. I bought a seashell art jewelry box and Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein because that’s what you do when in Portland. 

The Pacific Ocean itself is simply mesmerizing and I’m so glad we took the time to visit and to soak in more than just the chilly waves.

PSA: my friends mocked me for wearing ankle boots in the grainy sand and ocean. Life’s too short to not ruin every pair of shoes you own for the sake of experiencing something so magical.

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  1. We loved Lincoln City so much we convinced the company we work for to let us telecommute from here! I can walk the beach any time I want to! PS if you come again go north or south of the car park area, it is MUCH prettier!


    1. Lincoln City was beautiful! It was such a cool, quaint little town. I fell in love with the beach. Thank you for the tip! I’ll be flying back out sometime next year and can’t wait!

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