We discovered Elk Forge Bed and Breakfast on a Groupon. John and I are a spontaneous couple who not only love traveling, but trying out historical and interesting landmarks across the country. This place was perfect!

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Elk Forge B&B is only about an hour outside Philadelphia, depending on where you’re traveling from. Truthfully speaking, John and I imagined this quaint little hideaway nestled in some vintage town with mom and pop shops lining the sidewalks with an old movie house in a city that reminds you of one that stopped being popular fifty or sixty years ago.

It’s more like in the middle of nowhere, tucked between busy streets and a Golden Corral.  But don’t let that deter you. Once you walk into the B&B, that vintage vibe we were searching for smacked us right on the mouths. You walk in to a narrow hallway, immediately greeted by a small gift shop with handcrafted teas. It’s very quiet, too. There’s a phone as soon as you walk in where you have to call and let the workers know you’ve arrived. They check you in, hand over your room key and send you packing.

All the rooms are different but our was on the third floor among two others. There are multiple staircases, vintage couches, and old, faded VHS tapes and books lining the shelves. Our room was small but adorable. Slanted ceilings. An old TV with a few local stations. A sizable bathroom and of course, the hot tub. We love any hotel that has a hot tub.


We were one of maybe five couples who were staying on retreat that weekend. On our second morning, we woke up to a homemade breakfast: blueberry waffles, eggs, scones, coffee, fresh fruit, and orange bread pudding. All of the food had a twist. You eat in this stunning wide open space, completely surrounded by windows and all the sunshine beaming in. They have timeless music playing in the background. People chatter, but minimally. It’s too beautiful and peaceful to ruin with conversation.

We explored the grounds for a little bit. They have a chess board set up in the den, and a putting green out back. I scored my very first hole in one!

What I loved about Elk Forge was it’s tranquility. Coming from a bustling city where everyone is constantly revved up and moving, Elk Forge was a nice break and an opportunity to unwind. As a writer, it’s the idyllic spot to bring your laptop and go for a weekend writing retreat. I plan on going back sometime this year to take advantage of that peace and quiet.

While our trip was quick, we felt refreshed and ready to tackle that next week. It’s a romantic getaway for couples who want their privacy away from parents, and in-laws, kids, or even to just get reacquainted. The prices are affordable too, depending on the room size. I’m lucky we nabbed this getaway via Groupon because otherwise we would have missed out on a lovely place we look forward to visiting again.

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