Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland OR

  At first glance, Lan Su Chinese Garden seems oddly out of place in such an artisan city but that’s what makes it kind of great. It’s this whole other universe tucked inside a city that already operates like another universe. Tickets are $10 a piece for adults making it an inexpensive tourist attraction you […]

If You’re Not Here, You’re Doing it Wrong: Oregon Coast

When John and I landed in Portland – with no car, no hotel reservation, and barely any money, we realized that our entire trip was going to be based on spontaneity. After quickly booking our hotel while collecting our luggage at baggage claim, our car rental representative gushed to us about the Oregon Coast. Truth […]

Above and Beyond: Riding (and loving) Portland’s Aerial Tram

Growing up between New York and Philadelphia means that my definition of city transportation usually involves underground tunnels, urine streaked floors or a bus pass. Not in Portland, though. In Portland, if you want to commute to the other side of the city, you just casually take the Aerial Tram at the intersection of SW […]

Portland Saturday Market

What I loved about the Portland Saturday Market was oh, I don’t know: everything! Allow me to introduce myself to the point where you and I become a little more acquainted. I positively adore outside markets. Whether I’m buying organic fruit, flowers, tastefully appointed bad artwork, or fresh alligator jerky, there isn’t a bone in […]

Welcome to Pattie’s Homeplate Cafe Fountain and Gifts: Where the Dream of the 90s Still Exists

Okay, maybe Ed Bagley Jr. didn’t come out and offer us a Cuppa Joe, Side O’ Dough like in the fictional “Brunch Village” episode of Portlandia. But Pattie’s Homeplate Cafe Fountain and Gifts is a real place on Lombard Street in Portland, OR that served as the backdrop to one of the funniest episodes of […]