Despite having grown up near the quaint and picturesque town of Collingswood, we’ve never actually spent much time taking in all the sights. The town is beautiful. It has a very down-to-earth, laid back vibe with funky stores like Inner Grove Records which has now convinced me to go out and buy a record player, or Frugal Thrift & Vintage, a quaint little thrift shop right down the block where I bought the cutest BCBG black pumps for $8.99.

I fell particularly in love for Occasionette, a new store located on Haddon Ave that is every girl’s fantasy.



My best friend told me about this little shop Tuesday evening right after we landed back in Philly from our trip to Portland, where we were still high on love for mom and pop shops and doughnut shops that stay open past midnight, and artisan soaps and artisan coffees. My best friend caught me just in time; I had to check it out. 

As you can tell, the store is vibrant which for me, not only makes a great Instagram picture (@kort_nay) but it also just makes you feel happier when you walk around. I wanted to purchase everything – from their quotable coffee mugs, to their vases, to their bottles of earrings, to post-it-notes,  cat shaped door mats, and most especially, these spectacular soaps from Finchberry. They honestly look too good to ever use.

finchberry soaps

After visiting and automatically falling head over ankle boots for Occasionette, we tried out Dulce Artisanal Pastry. Again, this coffee shop has a simple vibe: white walls, simple menu: the baked goods speak for them selves. My fiance ordered a Dulce Chocolate Tart which both looked and smelled amazing. If you’re curious as to why it’s not pictured, it’s because I, sometimes, forget which side of the box I’m carrying is upright…

so, that was awkward.

dulce pastery

Either way though, the pastry was delicious. His face says it all. Doesn’t it?


john eating

What we discovered is that Collingswood has so much more to offer than people realize. It’s not only home to amazing eateries, like my personal favorite, That’s Amore, but to great coffee shops like Dulce or Grooveground. You can spend an entire Sunday there buying records, trying on vintage clothes, scoring great deals on books, and checking out some of the most incredibly vibrant and aesthetically pleasing artwork you’ll ever lay eyes on. For me, that’s my personal favorite.

I love visiting towns that create a vibe that separates them from the pack and that’s what Collingswood does. It’s tucked away from the noise and chatter of a busy city and remains noncommercial in the sense that you just stumble upon business after business that are people’s dream. It’s inspiring and it’s enlightening and it’s entertaining and we plan to go back this weekend so I can definitely buy more soaps from Occasionette. Because that’s what I need: more artisan soaps.

Have a favorite store in Collingswood you recommend us checking out? Comment and tag below!

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