Write for Us! We’re Accepting Guest Bloggers

Write for us courtney dercqu

Do you want to become a successful blogger? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What do you want to write about? It's a simple question with a complex answer. Often, whenever a writer sits down to write they have a list of topics they need to discuss. Maybe their job is to describe movies or politics. Perhaps it's a review … Continue reading Write for Us! We’re Accepting Guest Bloggers

Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland OR

  At first glance, Lan Su Chinese Garden seems oddly out of place in such an artisan city but that's what makes it kind of great. It's this whole other universe tucked inside a city that already operates like another universe. Tickets are $10 a piece for adults making it an inexpensive tourist attraction you … Continue reading Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland OR

Exploring Collingswood, NJ

Despite having grown up near the quaint and picturesque town of Collingswood, we've never actually spent much time taking in all the sights. The town is beautiful. It has a very down-to-earth, laid back vibe with funky stores like Inner Grove Records which has now convinced me to go out and buy a record player, … Continue reading Exploring Collingswood, NJ

My Love Affair With The iPhone X

I bought the new iPhone X on Thursday and have been stunned by all the features it has to offer, including the sublime photo quality. I basically have been on my newest play toy non-stop since Friday morning, capturing everything from morning coffee, to afternoon coffee, and of course, late night coffee. The new camera … Continue reading My Love Affair With The iPhone X