If you live near Philadelphia, you’re too consumed with trying to hunt down the world’s greatest cheesesteak. Ironically, the world’s greatest Philadelphia cheesesteak can be found at Romano’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant located in Essington, PA. PHL17s Weekend Philler did an incredible segment on the shop where they serve up a slew of tasty and amazing stromboli. The Philly Cheese Steak Stromboli is actually so good that it’s better than any other actual cheesesteak found in the surrounding areas. My husband and I have made it a tradition to stop there every time we have a flight back to Philadelphia – where I, of course, always get the cheesesteak stromboli.

So it’s obvious that when it comes to hunting for the best burger, much like that episode of How I Met Your Mother, those native to the Philadelphia region have bigger fish to fry…


John and I like to travel and in recent years have become obsessed with visiting the West Coast. After our trip to Portland, OR, we realized how different the vibe is out there compared to here.

But, none of them compare to the deliciousness of one…single…moment when my lips softly graved the end of the thick, juicy….hamburger patty from In-N-Out Burger!

in-n-out burger las vegas

This past weekend John and I flew out to Las Vegas, Nevada to see Cher’s Vegas Residency at the Park Theater. John had actually surprised me with the tickets for my birthday, but because I’m me, I ended up spoiling the surprise about two weeks before my birthday. Right before my bachelorette party, my friend and I went out to dinner where she told me about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get tattooed by the lead singer of New Found Glory,  Jordan Pundik.

I agreed that I’d fly out with my friend the weekend of November 11th: just two, married gals visiting Los Angeles with the bright lights and palm trees. It was going to be terrifying, slightly insulting to my appearance and self-esteem, and amazing all rolled into one. I got home, told John enthusiastically that the two of us were going to fly out to LA and he quickly was like, “NO! YOU CAN’T!”

And that’s the story of how I inadvertently ruined my 28th birthday surprise to see Cher perform in Las Vegas.

Sorry, babe.

We flew out Friday night and rolled into our hotel around 10:30pm Nevada time.

With only seven hours to tour Las Vegas before getting ready to see the ~~~**the queen**~ we decided we’d just walk the Las Vegas Strip and whatever we stumbled upon that seemed interesting, we’d do. One of the main things on our list was to hail a cab and grab something to eat at the In-N-Out Burger we passed on our drive to the hotel.

We don’t have any In-N-Out Burgers on the East Coast so spotting one in real life is kind of like seeing a teacher have sex on your front porch. IT’S JUST RARE!

While we were walking down the strip, we noticed a familiar looking arrow that pointed right. It took us down this frighteningly unique little canal, abundant with sushi burrito restaurants, daiquiri stations, opportunities to go zip lining, a Ferris Wheel that was an ACTUAL BAR, music, fountains, a Sprinkles Cupcake ATM (which I love) and of course – an In-N-Out Burger!

Here are 8 Reasons Why You’ll Love In-N-Out Burger:

  1. The food is ridiculously cheap. Our entire meal cost less than $10 for both of us.
  2. The cheeseburgers are off the hook. Make sure you get everything on it because it will make your taste buds explode!
  3. The atmosphere is retro and quaint.
  4. They have an efficient process to get your food. For as busy as there are, it’s insanely organized.
  5. Hamburger selfies
  6. World-famous burgers that live up to their reputation
  7. Animal fries. Google that shit. 
  8. Part of the West Coast experience

Lunching at In-N-Out Burger was more than just munching down on a tasty burger. It’s part of the quintessential West Coast experience!

courtney dercqu in-n-out burger

When John and I travel, we make it a point to experience something that is outside of our A-typical culture. Sure, it may be touristy, but that’s what we are: tourists! 

We did much more on our Las Vegas trip, including a gondola ride at the Venetian, drinking copious amounts of Starbucks, visiting Paris, turning $100 into 32 cents (we have a real knack for that!) and so much more which will all be getting their own blog posts very soon, so stay tuned!

Have you ever eaten at In-N-Out Burger? What are some restaurants you can ONLY get on the West Coast or East Coast that you recommend we try next?



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