24.6K and Counting: My Response to All Those Who Made This #ThoughtCatalog Article Popular

“Read This on the Nights He Doesn’t Text You Back”

Thank you! From the bottom of my heart and the frantic typing of my keys, thank you. Thank you for giving me a platform to express those emotions that for too long of a time were bottled up. Thank you for allowing me this one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect with women across the world in supporting the idea that we are all too similar when it comes to matters of the heart. To those women who read my words, I hope it serves as a reminder of what you deserve in this life.

As a writer, I write as a means to express myself and I’ve always held onto the philosophy that if my passion translates into something more, something tangible that can help propel others forward, then the job I wanted to get done – is done. There’s something inherently exquisite to be able to help someone through the way of words. That is the platform you’ve given me. That is the confidence you’ve given me. That is the role you’ve solidified for me – and I could not, would not, ever be more endowed to you than I am right now.

Much love xx,


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