At 183 Pounds, I’m the Fattest I’ve Ever Been

I’m fat. I never really realized I was a fat person until I saw a picture that my fiance took of me on Saturday. I was on my way to drop off my latest abstract painting to Brigandi’s Barbering Company located in Audubon, New Jersey. Ariel, the owner of Brigandi’s and someone I’ve unbelievably known […]

“I Wear A Size 8 And Not Pretty: Why Your Standard of Beauty Depends on You” : Over 18k Shares and Counting!

“I Wear A Size 8 and Not Pretty: Why Your Standard of Beauty Depends on You” I remember sitting down in my then-boyfriend’s kitchen one bright Sunday afternoon because I was sick and tired of seeing every piece of clothing I tried on from a mannequin display make me look like actual garbage. It wasn’t […]

24.6K and Counting: My Response to All Those Who Made This #ThoughtCatalog Article Popular

“Read This on the Nights He Doesn’t Text You Back” Thank you! From the bottom of my heart and the frantic typing of my keys, thank you. Thank you for giving me a platform to express those emotions that for too long of a time were bottled up. Thank you for allowing me this one-of-a-kind […]

I’m A Size 8 And Not Pretty: Why Your Standard Of Beauty Depends On You

As published on Elite Daily.  I wear a size 8, and I’m not pretty. Now, my mom will tell you otherwise. She’ll talk to you until she’s blue in the face about how I am the most gorgeous woman to ever walk the face of the earth. She’s my mom, though; she’s biased, and has clearly […]

A Size 10 Is Now Considered Plus Sized, So I Guess My Standard Of Beauty Makes Me Ugly AF

As featured in Mogul. You can view the full article here. If you peer your head into my closet, you’ll find yourself saying to me, “Girl, you’ve got way too many clothes in here.” And after a few minutes of me defending myself, tossing my Givenchy sweater across my shoulders, and sashaying around my bedroom, […]