The logical part of my brain tells me that your suffering has ended and you get to be free, and back to your normal self – the level of normality that the surgeon we saw last week says is unattainable because he HAS to say that. What’s normal anyhow? For me, it was to see my mom laughing with her wicked sense of humor that sometimes made you question her sanity. Her sense of humor was so offbeat, so wicked that I swear she could have done a one on one comedy routine with Joan Rivers…and won. Normal for me was to see her haul ass at a yard sale to pick up a chandelier or some other random antique that she knew my father could make a killing off of. I think back fondly of their antique business days, and believe me, there was no one more dynamic than my mother. She even made professional tractor-trailer drivers speak to her with envy because she was an absolute boss at backing up into space in a large van, and even larger trailer hitched on the back of it.

To read the full article, please check it out on Mogul. 


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    1. Dawn, I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m sending you much love during this difficult time. It’s an awful thing to go through. Some mornings are better than others, but always remember that the grieving process has no time limit. You face every day in the way you need to, whether that’s crying, feeling angry, hopeful, or any combination of the two, it’s a process that I’m still getting used to after a year. I miss my mom every day. This is the hardest and most devastating thing I’ve been through, and just know you’re not alone. I’d love to hear about your mother if you’re up for talking about her. I have no doubt she was an amazing lady.


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