I used Rent the Runway for the first time this weekend – and I still wish I could have kept everything! A few months back, I heard that my favorite Ewan-centric musical, Moulin Rouge, was being adapted for the stage in Boston, Massachusets. Naturally, I shimmied from my desk at work, hid in the cubby and grabbed my credit card to snag my seat for the Boston premiere (not caring that I don’t live anywhere near Boston).

When I was thinner, ordering clothes online wasn’t that big of a deal for me, but ever since I lost my mom, I’ve gained 45 pounds in all the wrong places. I had – and often have – anxiety over looking good in something I ordered offline because, at the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is waste my money. My experience with Rent the Runway, though, gave me a confidence boost – and just in the nick of time, too.

Here are 7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Using Rent the Runway:

1. It’s Easy to Use

The first thing I loved about the site was the ease in being able to tailor your search to meet your specific needs. I needed a dress for a formal, black-tie event, not sweaters to wear to work. I loved that I was able to bypass outfits that, while cute, weren’t what I was looking for.

2. There are Many, Many Options to Choose From

It’s not like they have a handful of dresses they recycle; they have hundreds, each somehow prettier than the next. I had six different styles in my cart before realizing I’m not Mariah Carey and can’t get away with doing a costume change in between intermissions.

Rent the Runway Moulin Rouge

3. The Quality of the Clothes

One thing that caught my eye was the high-quality of the outfits I ordered. I’ve purchased expensive products before off eBay – like my gently worn Christian Louboutin shoes or the strappy Prada heels my co-worker gave me, but I’ve never been able to afford an authentic Marchesa Notte dress. The second I slipped the dress on, I instantly felt better – prettier. I could just tell the dress was expensive.

4. Accurate Customer Reviews

The reviews are not only good indicators of whether or not the dress runs true to size, but they offer pictures of the actual renters wearing them. You get to compare how the dress looks on another woman who wears your size and see if you like the way it fits. I ended up ordering a Size 12 and it fit me like a glove.

Rent the Runway

5. Free Second Sizes

While the customer reviews can help alleviate some of the trepidation that comes with ordering clothes online, Rent the Runway provides you an opportunity to get your dress in a free second size (if available). Unfortunately, they didn’t have a second size in my dress but I was able to rent another designer dress, with a second size, for only $32.

6. The Compliments

While walking the streets of Boston to get to the beautiful Emerson Colonial Theather, we received a lot of looks, but all compliments. The dress made me stand out in the best way possible. Employees of the theatre even said we were the best-dressed couple there. The styles aren’t something you can buy off the rack; they’re unique and because of that, people are in awe of where you bought your outfit. From my accessories, purse, dress – the entire thing was rented (but they didn’t have to know that!)

Rent the Runway Boston

7. They Have Designer Brands

I’m not talking about the kinds of designer brands you’d run into at Macy’s like Michael Kors, either (not that I don’t love me some Michael, sorry xxx babe) I’m talking Marchesa Notte. I’m talking Alexis. I’m talking prolific brands with substantial followings, who, if you’re like me, would never in a million years be able to casually purchase off the streets (or in stores) for x-amount of thousands of dollars.

That alone made me feel like I was wearing something exclusive.

Have you ever used Rent the Runway before? What was your experience?













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