When I was living oversees, my mother ran into my high school art teacher and said, “art is subjective.” My mother was defending someone who mostly traced outlines of other people’s artistic creations and still expected her daughter to get an A for effort. Bless my mother’s soul.

I look back and laugh at her confronting my highly skilled art teacher from high school because it’s ironic that now, I actually consider myself to be an artist. Other, more professional artists may scoff at me but as my mother said, art is uniquely subjective.

All my life I’ve been an appreciator of abstract art. If it was considered to be “bad” I craved it. I loved knots in my paintings. Messiness. Chaos. I wanted my paintings to scream emotional. I wanted my artwork to border on that line that makes the audience question what it is – and where was my state of being at the time I created it. I love abstract. I love tastelessness. I need it as fuel to create more.

Welcome to my online store, Bad Art and Meow. Here you’ll see a comprehensive list of all my creations thus far, but below are some of my personal favorites. I often sell my artwork at different local events so stay tuned to see where you can pick up an original.

Our website can be found here.

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Adam 1


Sin 3





“Unicorn Pussy”

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