The Reason Why, As A Woman, I Am Not Offended By Donald Trump’s Misogynist Remarks

As published on Mogul.

Last week I wrote and promoted an article explaining why I feel uncomfortable and choose not to talk openly about politics in today’s society. However, in light of recent events, I realize that I need to state my opinion.

While some of you reading this are outraged over Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump’s latest misogynist comments, I, as a woman, hold respect for him. This is not to say that I am asserting my political affiliation. I know much better than to state my party affiliation in the slander filled, social media universe we live in. However, I feel the need to address an injustice when I see one.
In this case, the injustice stems from Trump’s latest remarks, in the sentence heard round the world, and ignited a blazing outrage on the Twitterverse, revolving the #TrumpTapes. Trump was recorded eleven years ago making the vile statement about women by stating, “grab them by the pussy.” His words are degrading, dehumanizing and unlike the decorum we expect our Presidential candidate to have. Yet, at the same when he said them, as deplorable as they may be, he was not a political figure; yet society is penalizing him for a statement made over a decade ago. From the looks of the outrage, you’d expect Trump to have spat those words out as you drank your morning coffee.

This election has been focused on Trump’s comments. Hillary Clinton’s latest “Mirrors” campaign lends truth to that fact. And our society – my generation in particular – has gobbled it up in protest of reviewing the larger issues at hand. As of recently, “7.9 million Americans are out of work, a number that changed little in September. Another 5.9 million people are considered “under-employed”, because are working part-time, but want full time work.” How many in my generation – the millennials – are working retail when we have a Bachelor’s in Education? How many of us are working in a field we didn’t go to school for just so we can have secure employment, have benefits? How many of us are working at an hourly rate that’s deplorable because employers know that with little prospects of a job, they can offer you an insulting amount of money because you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place? This is just one of many issues that seems to have been overlooked, because the focus of Clinton’s campaign, has been to tear down Donald Trump.  This has been one of the issues we’ve lost focus on because we’re too busy going on Twitter to state our disgust over decade-old comments.

I am in no way justifying what he had said, however, in a video he posted over the weekend, Trump owns up to comments, and apologized for them, “I said it, I was wrong and I apologize.” In the 90 second video, which I urge you to watch, Trump owns up to his comments in and goes on to explain that he is not the same person he was over a decade ago. Isn’t that true for all of us?

I can respect a man who owns up to his mistakes, and in Trump’s case, I respect him for doing so. He did not skirt away from what he’s done, nor did he make excuses for them. As a woman, people think I should be outraged over Trump’s misogynist comments, however I take his brutal honesty and apply them to the larger issues at hand: employment, terrorism and our country’s safety. These reasons are what help me to become an informed voter, because at the end of the day, I want to vote for a candidate who I feel will bring about change in my future and my children’s futures, and I refuse to allow the focus of this election to be primarily judged for personal banter instead of proven facts.

I think Republican VP candidate, Mike Pence brought up an excellent point when he rebutted Tim Kaine’s insistent statement that Trump has an insult-driven campaign by reminding everyone that Clinton referred to Trump supports as “basket of deplorables.” If we want to talk about insults, why isn’t there an outrage when a female candidate – a role model for children and Women’s rights – denounced thousands of women who believe in Trump. If as a society, everyone is so focused on talking about Trump’s comments from over a decade ago, then can’t the same be done for Clinton?

Isn’t everybody equal?

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