“You’ve found love, and light and life will carry on like it never had before this moment, before love, before you, before them, before everything.”

Thought Catalog book Courtney Dercqu







You can read and purchase Thought Catalog’s book, “Forever: Essays About Soulmates, Love, and Finding Your Forever Person” here.

My Moment in the Sun

I just want to acknowledge for a moment the effect of hard work. Three years ago, I never thought that I’d be standing here, holding up a copy of a book that I’m a featured writer in. It makes all the years of self-doubt, the scrutiny, the pain, and the constant hope that one day I’ll be able to see my words – my name – in print come full circle. Thank you, Thought Catalog for this wonderful opportunity that gave me, my fiance, and my parents, a moment we’ll be forever thankful for.


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