The Reality of What It’s Like to Lose Your Mom

losing your mom

There’s something to be said about the abstract side of grief. I was reading a book this morning called Mistaken Identity. It’s a story about two families from Indiana whose daughters’ identity were swapped, thus forcing one family to bury who they believed to be their daughter, while their actual child lay comatose, in the … Continue reading The Reality of What It’s Like to Lose Your Mom

Poetry Hour: The Space Between

The Space Between Courtney Dercqu 2

If I could impress upon you anything, with sincerity or not, it’d be my wish for you to touch me in my sweetest place Oh, how I hope you don’t resist! It’s the space between my breasts the space that’s hard and filled with bone the space between where my heart is its own. Oh, … Continue reading Poetry Hour: The Space Between