How My Husband Reacted to My Negative Pregnancy Test

We haven’t been trying to get pregnant for very long. Even saying that sentence: I’m trying to get pregnant, sends me into a field of emotions. I’ve waited for this moment. Yesterday morning, around 10 o’clock, I texted my husband to say that I was spotting. Women – we know our cycles. It’s why I […]

The Reality of What It’s Like to Lose Your Mom

There’s something to be said about the abstract side of grief. I was reading a book this morning called Mistaken Identity. It’s a story about two families from Indiana whose daughters’ identity were swapped, thus forcing one family to bury who they believed to be their daughter, while their actual child lay comatose, in the […]

Contemplating Pregnancy

Deciding to Get Pregnant Today was going to be the day John and I tried to conceive. For as far back as I can remember, I had always been eager to become a mom. More specifically, I always wanted to get pregnant. I remember being five years old and shoving shirts underneath my pajamas so […]