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I’ve been fortunate to connect with countless writers across the country who continually inspire me to put my content out there. A few years back, I never thought that was possible. I would write and write and write and felt like no one would give me a chance to prove what I was capable of.

After writing for amazing platforms like Thought Catalog, Elite Daily, Mogul, working as a Content and Community intern and later – contracted lead – for Mogul, a published e-book and featured writer in a book by Thought Catalog, I realize that writing can absolutely take you to heights you never deemed possible. I’ve had content go viral, gaining worldwide celebrity attention, shared candid stories about my struggles with infertility, divorce, grief, marriage with so many women that it’s only confirmed that this is what I’m meant to be doing.

At my core, I’m grateful for that first opportunity I was given.

Social Media Promotion

Whether you’re a new blogger (welcome) or seasoned and interested in guest-posting, I’d love to be able to share your words here. In return, I will link back to your personal blog and add links to all of your social media accounts. I will promote your content on my personal social media accounts – Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

At this time, I, unfortunately, am unable to pay any guest-writers, but one day that will change! I accept contents of all kinds, but submissions must be reviewed first to ensure they meet my site’s guidelines.

Where to Send Submissions

Please send me a pitch at courtney.dercqu@gmail.com

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