Below are links to several of my publications on Elite Daily and Thought Catalog.


I’ll Always Love You: 7 Promises I Vow to Keep to My Future Husband

6 Ways to Make Sure She Says ‘Yes’ When You Pop the Question

To The Man Who Doesn’t Know He’s The Love of My Life

A PSA To Everyone Who Thinks The Romance Ends After ‘I Do’


One Day My Daughter Will Hate Me

10 Signs You’re Turning Into Your Mom and You Absolutely Love It

15 Hilarious Signs Your Biological Clock Is Seriously Fucking With You


I’m a Size 8 and Not Pretty: Why Your Standard of Beauty Depends on You

The Isolated Generation: How Millenials Came to Fear IRL Communication

6 Ways to Bounce Back After Your Boss Passes You Over for a Promotion

This is What My Social Media Addiction Taught Me About Wasting Life

I’m Tired of Hating Myself Because I Don’t Look Like ‘Other Girls’


This Is What Life Will Look Like One Year After Your Mom Died

What You Should Know About 2018, If You Lost A Parent in 2017

The Hardest Part About Losing My Mom Has Been Losing My Dad In The Process





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