The Beach Boys at the Scottish Rite Auditorium

As I made my way through the hoards of fans, all braving the latest nor'easter to bomb the East Coast on the official first day of spring, their puffy coats and wet boots creaking and slipping along the tiled floor, the ticket taker said to me, "Aren't you a little too young for this? Are … Continue reading The Beach Boys at the Scottish Rite Auditorium

Disney’s Old Key West Resort, FL

If you've ever wanted to eat the most decedent biscuits and gravy in the entire world, look no further than Disney's Old Key West Resort in Florida. I've stayed at this resort three times, and only ever discovered the wonderfulness that is Olivia's Cafe back in 2015. I could kick myself for missing out on … Continue reading Disney’s Old Key West Resort, FL

Walt Disney World at Christmas

  I'm such a Disney fanatic that it doesn't matter what time of year I visit the magical House of Mouse; all that matters is that I'm there and biting down into a turkey leg within my first twenty minutes after arrival. The first time I'd visited Walt Disney World at Christmas was back in … Continue reading Walt Disney World at Christmas

Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland OR

  At first glance, Lan Su Chinese Garden seems oddly out of place in such an artisan city but that's what makes it kind of great. It's this whole other universe tucked inside a city that already operates like another universe. Tickets are $10 a piece for adults making it an inexpensive tourist attraction you … Continue reading Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland OR

Jersey Shore Alpacas

Because who doesn't adore Alpacas? Back around the holidays, John and I went to visit Jersey Shore Alpacas after watching them on an episode of Weekend Philler. Trust me when I tell you, these furry little creatures did not disappoint. (Me and John, Weekend Philler Senior Producer) The alpacas are kept in a corral but … Continue reading Jersey Shore Alpacas

If You’re Not Here, You’re Doing it Wrong: Oregon Coast

When John and I landed in Portland - with no car, no hotel reservation, and barely any money, we realized that our entire trip was going to be based on spontaneity. After quickly booking our hotel while collecting our luggage at baggage claim, our car rental representative gushed to us about the Oregon Coast. Truth … Continue reading If You’re Not Here, You’re Doing it Wrong: Oregon Coast

Elk Forge B&B Inn, Maryland

We discovered Elk Forge Bed and Breakfast on a Groupon. John and I are a spontaneous couple who not only love traveling, but trying out historical and interesting landmarks across the country. This place was perfect! Elk Forge B&B is only about an hour outside Philadelphia, depending on where you're traveling from. Truthfully speaking, John … Continue reading Elk Forge B&B Inn, Maryland